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An important part of the Comprehensive Plan is getting input and feedback from citizens and business owners, so the Comprehensive Plan aligns with what is important to the Dripping Springs community. To help with that, the City has established a Comprehensive Planning Committee to work with DTJ to give them guidance and feedback during the process. The members on the committee have a wide range of institutional knowledge and background:

  • Pam Owens, Business Community

  • Kim Fernea, Business Community, EDC Chair

  • Holly Morris-Kuentz, DSISD Representative

  • Marcie Cochran, Dripping Springs Library

  • Doug Fowler, Emergency Services Representative

  • Ron Hood, Constable’s Office—Pct. 4

  • Tessa Schmidtzinsky, Pedernales Electric Cooperative

  • Mary Margaret Dement, long-time city resident

  • Wayne Simoneau, long-time city resident

  • Betty Meyer, long-time city resident

  • Margaret Scharold, new city resident

The committee is designed to provide a diverse and broad array of input and feedback. But more important than committee feedback is the input and ideas from the community. We want to ensure that residents and business owners have their voices heard. To that end, make sure you check out our "Give Your Input" page for updates on surveys and town hall meetings. And subscribe to our updates, too.

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