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With the rapid growth of the City of Dripping Springs, the City is updating its Comprehensive Plan. Its Comprehensive Plan - Reimagine Dripping Springs Initiative is a visioning process that will establish a guiding framework for development in Dripping Springs. Through this initiative and the updated Comprehensive Plan, the City hopes to establish priorities for the area’s future land use and major development projects. It will help guide real estate, infrastructure investments, economic development, and zoning. The Comprehensive Plan will also incorporate the recently adopted Transportation Master Plan and the Parks, Recreation & Open Space Master Plan.

To help with the process, the City has hired DTJ Design, a firm with an extensive background in urban planning. DTJ will work with the City to create a plan that will: 1) provide overall guidance to help direct future land use and resource decisions; 2) address a broad scope of topics, including land use, housing, mobility, public services, recreation, and natural and cultural resources and; 3) provide long-range guidance on how the City’s vision for Dripping Springs can be reached.

An important part of the Comprehensive Plan is getting input and feedback from citizens and business owners, so the Comprehensive Plan aligns with what is important to the Dripping Springs community. To help with that, the City has established a Comprehensive Planning Committee to work with DTJ to give them guidance and feedback during the process. The members on the committee have a wide range of institutional knowledge and background, to provide a diverse and broad array of input and feedback.

Also important is input from all the residents and businesses throughout the City and its ETJ. To that end, throughout the process, which is expected to go through the end of 2022 into 2023, there will be numerous opportunities for residents and businesses to give added input and help craft the future direction of the City when it comes to future planning and development.

Anyone needing more information can contact the City of Dripping Springs Planning & Development Department at

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